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From roommates in a college dorm to partners in business
Founder & CEO

Alankrit Utkarsh

Fascinating beings that humans are, he taught himself to read them early on, looking beyond veils and masks, and picking up on subtle cues telling him what people don’t say out loud. This gave him the ability to navigate the many different relationships that come with running a business.

Chief Technology Officer

Divyansh Dwivedi

From designing modular systems for 10 million users, to being amongst the youngest technical leaders in past organisations, he has been working in fast paced, high pressure environments since the inception of his professional career. A born hustler who is perfect to lead Briefly’s constantly evolving platform


“Conceptualising for creation, or expanding the radius of the spotlight through marketing, technology & production has been my passion, my professional home, since my mid-teens. The unbridled creativity, the satisfaction, the witty people, are all a big part of my life.

This is why it often pained me to see a lack of definition in the industry - of the scope of work, the commercials, the communication - everything is constantly revisited and revised, leading to a lot of unnecessary input of effort, and mental impacts on both ends of the deal (i.e client & vendor). Briefly is created to solve this problem, and bring structure and definition to the world of service agreements.

This app will help clients earmark the scope of work, to go from their business objective to the commercials involved, in reaching it through marketing and much more.

We will help concretise the requirements at the beginning, facilitating, firstly, the best match and secondly, transparent & honest communication with your perfect service provider.

This is also good news for service providers, who can save themselves from spending weeks (yes, plural) trying to make their clients (even Fortune 500 companies: I speak from experience) understand that their expectations do not align with their budget or timeline. Briefly does all this before the deal, and matches companies with vendors who can give their best, for the kind of work needed, for the budget provided."

That's the essence of Briefly:

Facilitating the smoothest running relationships in the marketing universe

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